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"Illuminating the Truth of who you truly are"

I am a Cosmic Seer, a practitioner of multidimensional energetics & healing, and a registered Metaphysical minister. I am also both a Cosmic Being and a Human, walking on this planet we call our Home, Mother Gaia. It has taken me more than 50 years to come to the realization of who I truly am and to be able to share my truth in a way in which I feel safe and comfortable. And my journey of self-expression and authenticity continues.

I hold a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from the University of Cape Town, and a Bachelor of Metaphysics degree from the University of Sedona. I am also a qualified energy healer with a Diploma (with distinction) from the School of Intuition and Healing in the United Kingdom. I am a registered Metaphysical minister and I am also registered with the South African National Traditional Healers Association.


My ancient lineage is symbolised by the White Rose and the teachings that embody the golden spiral of evolution and the blueprint of creation. The White Rose symbolises the ever-unfolding and expanding journey of the heart and soul, moving through deeper layers of connection to self and the Universal blueprint of life, The Creator. The White Rose sacred geometric blueprint pattern is not static but instead unfolds ever inwards, with your path of self awareness, healing, and evolution, and then expands and radiates outwards - breathing in unison with all of life.

As a Seer, I am aware of, and can both connect to and interpret the unseen realms of multidimensional energy. I am extremely sensitive and connect deeply with water and Nature, where I find my peace, and I am particularly attuned to the whales and to the spiritual lineage of the white winged lions. I spend much of my free time in the forests, mountains and oceans of my home in Cape Town, South Africa. I am deeply committed to bringing the teachings of my lineage to the world for the benefit of all and I hold both online and in person workshops and events. I am also the founder and Director of the Cape Town Healing Collective and the founding member and Director of the Institute of Energetic Sciences.


My work here on Earth is to remember who I am and to help you remember who you are, a Cosmic being of infinite wisdom, who holds the potential for healing and enhanced wisdom. We are energetic beings of Light and this knowledge can be used to overcome all traumas, stresses, and bodily diseases. You are both human and divine and we are walking a path of The New Human who trusts their deepest wisdom and has the courage to walk the path of their truth. I am here to assist in finding that truth.

My spiritual essence is aligned with the Universal Laws of Non-interference and the ancient wisdom aligned to Unity Consciousness, Righteous Use of Energy, and the Spiritual Heart. I act as a conduit for the energies of the Cosmos, and The Mother of all Life, and together with my team of spiritual guides, we act as midwives and points of birthing to assist the transcendence of the human being.

My intention for you is to bring about transformational healing, removing unnatural thoughts forms, and negative and interfering energies, clearing a path for the expression of your soul and true vibrational blueprint. My ministerial work is offered by way of ceremonial services to support marriage and the birth of a child. If you wish to know more about these services please click here.


If you are looking for healing or a soul reading, my consultation sessions offer me the opportunity to connect with your Cosmic field and the unseen realms to offer insights, guidance, and healing. I work with the elements of light, frequency, and vibration to align you to the natural constellation of your energetic Universe and the harmonics of your unique vibrational blueprint. I work with sacred geometry and light codes to effect healing and I can translate this into information you can understand and practically apply to invoke the changes necessary for your evolution and healing. I am here to empower you and to awaken within you, your healing abilities.

In whatever way you feel called to work with me, for a healing, a soul reading, or to support you in your marriage ceremony or the birth of your child, I will offer you my deepest commitment and hold all of our work together in the most sacred light.

Much blessings, Lilah

Celestial Energetic Healing

I practise what may be termed celestial energetics where I tune into your Light and Energetic Universe. I see and sense Light, Vibrations and Energetic Frequencies and decode these in order to share information and healing. Each human can be seen energetically as a Universe in their own right, with light frequencies and energy dynamics, and with a particular seed harmonic frequency, which is unique to them.


In the core of your field is your “Sun”, the golden centre of your Heart energy field from which all emanates. This is your cosmic seeding point, which is activated during times of incarnation. Your Heart holds your Light and an infinite source of wisdom. This Heart field can also be termed the “all seeing eye” and its’ visionary abilities depend on energetic opening and expansion.


The more Light you are able to bring in by way of walking a path of authenticity, healing and ascension (moving towards holding higher vibrations), the more you are able to expand and perceive. In the coming years of human evolution, you are being asked to move towards becoming a greater anchor of Light. In working with your celestial energetics and expanding your Heart field, you will begin to create a greater radius of Light whilst also extending vertically to connect with your soul and into dimensions outside of the 3rd, 4th and 5th. The descension and embodiment of the vehicle of your soul, brings with it higher ways of being and increased levels of consciousness, and is supported by your heart awakening and a regulated nervous system. 


As a Light filled Universe you also possess a constellation of stars (energy packets of light) within, each star fulfilling its own function, and creating the energetic templates for your physical body. During these times of change it is critical that you begin to work with and understand yourself as Light and Energy in order to hold the highest energetic template for the health of your physical body. In my work with the Kabbalah I have a deep understanding of both your energetic Tree of Life (Star Body) and the Tree of Life which exists within your physical body (The Nervous system and Vagus Nerve).


Your field is also connected outwards to people and circumstances around you through entanglements, dependencies and thought form constellations. If these energetic entanglements are negative or not healthy, they will impede both the radiance of your field and the ability to bring in more Light from the Cosmic Source. This may also leave you feeling stuck, demotivated or lacking inspiration and if they are deeply engrained, potentially physically ill.


The heart field is currently opening and expanding for many people on the planet, and can be termed their first "spiritual awakening".  It is my belief that your heart energy field is the place through which all healing occurs and it is the place to which we must all return in order to fully heal and express our soul's path (The White Rose is symbolic of this). The heart is also the seat, or anchor point and throne of the soul, and if this centre remains closed, we may never experience a higher frequency and connection with the vehicle of the soul. It is therefore the opening and healing of the heart centre which is necessary in order to begin working with the soul. ​

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