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Year of the Rose

Many of you may feel that changes are ahead, yet are unsure as to what these are and how they may affect you. Indeed, the year 2024 promises to be yet another that offers possibilities and opportunities for a deeper awakening and sense of yourself as a spiritual being.

Whilst you may not be able to manage the chaos that is showing itself on the outside, you can understand, manage, and control, that which happens in your thoughts, and emotions, and also perhaps commit to daily time in prayer, meditation, or contemplative silence.

For me, the rose showed up in my dreams in 2020 and offered me insights into my ancient cosmic lineage. What the rose has also offered me symbolically, is a deep connection to the ever-unfolding of truth and expansion which happens in the spiritual centre of the heart.

The rose symbolises the energy and frequency of love, as the basic driving force behind everything there is and ever will be. The white rose has also been called “The Flower of Light”, which correlates with all that I have been shown by my spiritual guides, teachers and healers in the unseen realms.

In 2024 I wish for you, that your heart will remain open during these tumultuous times, and that you will find both clarity, compassion for yourself,  and a deepening connection to your spiritual identity, for this is who we truly are, beings of Light living a human experience.

Much love and blessings Lilah

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