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"Open  your heart to receive without conditions and you will be amazed at the natural flow of love which finds its way to you"


I believe we have reached a crisis. The couple and family unit as a co-dependent and manipulative unit is fast collapsing. It is time for us to be open, honest and authentic in the way we deal with our family and home and to begin to work together from a place of the soul, in a sacred union or marriage. The way we raise our children is dependent both on the relationship to self and the "relating"ship we have with our partner/s and children. 


We need to be moving to a more conscious way of relating with one another, and in particular with our closest family members. It is time for a transparency that allows a conversation from the heart, to the heart of the significant other in our lives. In order to tap into this heart space and honesty, whilst embracing respect, compassion and sheer openness, I offer sacred couple's and family spiritual counseling.

These sessions are becoming ever more popular as a way to understand each other from a different perspective and in a different way to that which is explored during traditional psychotherapy. I tune into each of the individual's soul energy, as well as the soul energy of the relationship, to offer insight and guidance as to practical ways in which to increase intimacy, understanding and respect. 


This work can include parent/child as well as sibling relationships and is offered via Zoom.

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