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"The force of love can only be given momentum by the power of will, guided by wisdom"


My remote healing and soul guidance sessions offer you the ability to work with that part of yourself that is wise, compassionate, and all-knowing. During your healing session, I work with your soul energy field to heal and cleanse traumatic or lower vibratory imprints, limiting soul contracts & and damage, or energy from external sources, which may have been brought into your light body and current incarnation. These lower vibrations or interferences could be anything from earth-bound spirits, ancestral curses, dark force implants, or other souls with whom you shared previous traumas, amongst many other potential interferences.

In your soul reading, I connect into, communicate with, and translate information from your subconscious and deeper realms, identifying patterns, blockages, and other lower vibratory signatures or behaviours of which you may not be aware. This can assist in identiyfing the root cause of suffering, pain, or a sense that something is not quite right. The healing provided will bring this information to light whilst creating pathways for healing and a move towards higher consciousness and integration with your soul. I also connect into the multidimensional field of Cosmic Wisdom, Star Beings and your Guides to offer other-worldly information to light up your being.

During the session, you may well also receive guidance from Spirit and your Guides in the Spirit Realm.

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