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You are a Cosmic Being

I honour all Celestial beings with whom I work. I see you as a Cosmic Being with infinite potential. 


As a multidimensional Healer & Seer, my one-on-one consultations are my greatest passion and also my greatest honour. I am committed to seeing your Light and Truth and holding our sessions in a most sacred light. Each session is unique in that you are offered exactly what it is you need at any point in time, whether this is information or healing. My sessions are strictly confidential and I work with a high level of integrity, professionalism, and compassion.

I work with your multidimensional self, assisting in peeling back the layers, which have subdued, blocked, or shrouded your light. I work to make you aware of those elements in your life, past lives, or other energetic interferences, which are the background to your suffering and inability to move forward. Once you receive this information you become more aware and can step into a higher vibration. The Cosmic wisdom offered can then not only assist you but also have a direct and positive influence on the energetics and harmonics of those with whom you are connected.


I am guided by your Cosmic Wisdom, which moves beyond the needs/wants of the Human emotional and mental plane, to offer you the energetic insights and celestial healing which aligns you to your highest potential, supporting your path to Authenticity and a Heart centred way of living.

As a healer, I enable and assist the energies of the heart to open to the Cosmic flow of the Mother of Life principles. Your heart centre is your spiritual field of perception, and it both receives and transmits information, if you like, it is your "all seeing eye" through which your truth is shared. Awakening your authenticity and living your truth is the single most important component to assist in your heart opening. It is only once the heart is open that a portal of light and expansion can be created in order to allow a fuller embodiment of the vehicle which is your soul, bringing in higher ways of being and consciousness.​

I work with clients across the globe and my sessions are offered online or through distant healing work. The healing work I offer covers mental, emotional & physical healing as well as inner child healing, entity removal, soul retrieval & ancestral healing, to name a few. In order to offer a distant healing session all I need is payment of the required fee together with your full name and date of birth. After the session you will receive recorded feedback. I also work with unborn babies, young children and young adults by offering distant work which gives insights into what they may need on a soul level and also to effect healing if required.

The sessions are 60 minutes in duration and rates in South African rands are available on request.

Through your experience with me, you will receive healing and personal insights or guidance, into your life and the circumstances and people within your energetic circle, guiding you towards the true "you" and the expression of your highest potential. The work I offer may also be used to make connections with passed loved ones in order to offer healing both in this realm and across the veil. As part of every session, I not only offer you guidance, but as part of any remote healing you will also receive detailed, recorded feedback of what I was asked to work with, which you can retain and keep as part of the documentation of your spiritual journey.

I do hope that you will decide to offer yourself the greatest gift. The gift which is understanding who you are as a celestial being with infinite potential for happiness and a soul led life.


Soul Work Services

These sessions are 60 minutes in duration. The healing session is offered remotely where you do not need to be present and after the session, you will receive detailed recorded feedback.  The Soul Reading is offered online via Zoom.

Fee €111
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The White winged Lion Beings are returning to assist us in our spiritual evolution. These are beings aligned to my ancient blueprint and I honour my connection to them and the wisdom and support they bring to all of my work.

My Spiritual Guides
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My healing work is offered to children and animals in need of spiritual healing or for parents of small children wanting to connect with the soul wisdom of their child or children

Children €95 | Animals €75

Please note: if you are a South African Citizen, you may request my Soul Work Service rates in rands here.

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