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"And as twilight harvests the day's colors, May love bring you home to each other."

John O Donohue


I believe that it is time for us to return to a more conscious way of relating with one another and nothing is more beautiful for me than holding a wedding service for a conscious and loving couple. The couple and family unit is the foundation of society and so I hold this union in a deeply sacred light since it can, quite literally, change the way of the world. My wedding services are best aligned to those who do not affiliate to a particular religion, or for couples of different faiths & beliefs but who still wish to hold the ceremony in a sacred and spiritual light.

For my wedding services, we meet for a period of 6 months before the wedding to get to know one another and to explore your relationship and any concerns or challenges you may face from a place of spirituality. I will also meet with each one of you so that there is a space for individual growth and support. We will work together to build the service in a way that is inclusive of your beliefs and which is inclusive of all family members that may be present.

The cost of my services is determined after our initial free consultation and agreement on length of spiritual support and counselling. 

I look forward to being present to act as a witness and light bearer for your sacred loving union.

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